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  • Medium

    M17001 Your voice is in the wind

    "Your voice is in the wind"

    Beautiful romantic Artwork of a young woman in a white dress in the water.

    Original Artwork Size: 31.5" wide x 39.4" high (800mm wide x 1000mm high).


    Available Options:

    1. Original Fine Art Painting

    This is the one and only Original Artwork, meticulously created by Maria.  Painted with the highest quality Acrylic mediums unto a stretched cotton canvas.  The size of the artwork is 31.5" wide x 39.4" high (800mm wide x 1000mm high).

    Shipping terms:

    The Original Artwork is shipped from South Africa, so please allow approximately 2 weeks of shipping time to another country.  If the shipping address is outside South Africa, it will be shipped un-stretched in a tube.


    2.  Edge to edge Canvas Print unto Stretched Frame:

    Available Sizes:

    31.5" wide x 39.4" high (800mm wide x 1000mm high)

    23.6" wide x 29.5" high (600mm wide x 750mm high)

    15.7" wide x 19.7" high (400mm wide x 500mm high)

    High quality, Fine Art Canvas Print done on premium water-resistant matte canvas, using archival pigment inks to ensure permanence of color and stretched on a wooden frame.

    Shipping terms:

    These Full faced Canvasses are shipped from South Africa, so please allow approximately 2-3 weeks of shipping time.  If the shipping address is outside of South Africa, it will be shipped un-stretched and in a tube.


    3.  Centered Print on Stretched Canvas.

    The image is centered on the face of the canvas, with a white border surrounding the artwork.

    Available Sizes:

    12" wide x 16" high (406mm wide x 305mm high)

    16" wide x 20" high (406mm wide x 508mm high)

    18" wide x 24" high (457mm wide x 610mm high)

    24" wide x 36" high (610mm wide x 914mm high)

    • Acid-free, PH neutral, poly-cotton base
    • 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 g/m²
    • Mounting brackets included - centered on frame
    • Hand glued solid wood stretcher bars
    • Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas (OBA-Free)
    • 1.5" (38mm)deep

    Shipped from the USA, so please allow approximately 1-2 weeks of shipping time to another country.


    4. Beautiful Fine Art Print on Paper in various sizes. Optionally Framed.

    Available Sizes:

    8" wide x 10"high (203mm wide x 254mm high)

    12" wide x 16"high (305mm wide x 406mm high)

    12" wide x 18"high (305mm wide x 457mm high)

    16" wide x 20"high (406mm wide x 508mm high)

    18" wide x 24"high (457mm wide x 610mm high)

    24" wide x 36"high (610mm wide x 914mm high)


    The Artwork is printed using Epson's UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology. This ink is the ultimate professional photo and graphic arts ink that achieves the highest level of color accuracy. Epson Stylus Pro printers using this ink have been certified to cover an unprecedented 98% of the Pantone Matching System color gamut.

    The Paper used is Epson's Enhanced Matte Paper, This bright white paper is perfect for images that do not require gloss. It yields highly saturated images while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. - Perfect for re-producing Maria's beautiful artworks.

    For Framed Fine Art Prints:

    The frame is made in Los Angeles. Made from Alder Semi-Hardwood, Colored Black, Thickness: 0.75". The Front Protector is made from Acrylite. The whole frame is very lightweight, and hanging hardware is pre-fitted.

    Shipped from the USA and EUROPE, so please allow approximately 1-2 weeks shipping time to other areas.