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  • March 18, 2020 2 min read

    We recently launched a brand new print... this is the first time ever we're printing from edge to edge on canvas. That's right. You can now choose a print WITHOUT the white border around the image. 

    These also come in various sizes depending on the size of the original artwork.

    You can now get your favourite Maria as a print on a canvas the same size of the actual original painting. 

    At the same time we're in the process of changing the whole process of ordering prints on our website. That's what this blog post are for... to take you step by step on how to order prints.

    How to order:

    1. Visit our website.

    2. Go to "Original Fine" under the "SHOP" menu.

    3. Choose the painting you'd like a print of.

    4. You will now see the code, name and price of the painting. You will also see that the medium selected is "ORIGINAL ART" and the size is only that of the original painting.


    5. Right beside "ORIGINAL ART" there's another option "CANVAS PRINT". If you select "CANVAS PRINT" there will be more options available under "size".


    6. If you select a specific size, the price of that size will appear under the code and the name of the painting.


    7. The option "CANVAS PRINT" is divided in two different prints. The full faced canvas prints and the canvas prints with a white border around the image. The choice is yours to choose which one you want to order.

    The full faced canvas print sizes, as shown in the picture below, will vary depending on the size of the original artwork.

    The canvas prints with the white borders will always be the sizes as shown below.


    8. We also have an option to order paper prints on various sizes. Click on "PAPER PRINT" and the available sizes can be seen. 


    9. There is also options to order the paper prints unframed or framed in a black or white frame. 


    10. After deciding which size and medium you'd like you can just click the "ADD TO CART" button and follow the steps to checkout.

    And that's it... before you know it you'll receive a parcel from House of Maria with your beautiful print. 

    If you browse through our website and can't find what you're looking for please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll gladly lend a helping hand with placing your order.


    With all our love,

    The House of Maria Team


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